Since announcing my candidacy, I’ve been asked by a number of people to specify my position on certain matters of general public concern and discussion.  I know there is a tendency for some to “hem-n-haw” over where they stand, but I will work hard to be clear on my beliefs and what I will campaign for and support.

I AM PRO:  Life, 2nd Amendment, immigration reform, strong borders, mental health reform, law enforcement, school choice, tax relief, and effective and efficient transportation in Gwinnett County.

So  to be more clear, what am I against? 

I AM AGAINST: Gun control, abortion, illegal immigration, MARTA for Gwinnett County, legalization of recreational marijuana, and poor performance schools.

This is where l land on these issues, and I have reasons for how I arrived there.  I am willing to sit and talk with anyone about my views, but more importantly, I am willing to listen to you.  Please know that I also believe through my faith that you cannot advocate for or against anything unless you are willing to put a little “skin in the game.”

That’s why I choose to volunteer for a number of causes where these issues aren’t neatly categorized as good and bad.  With charitable hearts, we must do for all in need where we can, and strive at the same time for the common good, and the dignity of work and family.

If you’re not sure how I stack up against my opponent, check out her website as well. I think you’ll find that we are very different in our views and approaches. Be informed and vote your conscience.”

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